~ Seventh In The Series ~

Several months after Pawel Piotrowicz, photographer extraordinaire and owner of the Picture Perfect Model Agency, was beaten and abandoned in a parking lot, by off-duty police, for having interrupted a Friday night drug-filled orgy, at Dr. Marshall Bendorff’s Old Post Road mansion, and threatening to kill him for having performed cosmetic surgery on the perfect face of his client and world’s top model, Vă; Piotrowicz was arrested and charged with the murder of Dr. Marshall Bendorff, owner of the world renown Yorkville area cosmetic surgery clinic known as Perfection.

When his lawyer, Barsla Panderric, is prevented from accessing the Coroner’s and Police Reports, Pawel’s discovery and friend, model and former Miss Black Canada, Ziam Ngout, implores her very close friend, Faison Quay VI, into proving Piotrowicz’ innocence.  Utilising his resourceful and talented staff, at Key Security International, Faison unravels the seamy side of the doctor’s life in an attempt to discover not only who killed him, but, how; as he uses his uncanny sleuthing abilities and phenomenal wealth to free Pawel Piotrowicz and prove Dr. Marshall Bendorff’s murder was not Perfection.

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