In The Absence Of Passion

~ Second In The Series ~

Paris Police Inspector Gilbert Beaubien’s frustrated efforts to solve the murder of an odious, yet famous, Louvre art restorer, is inextricably intertwined with world-renown, multi-billionaire, Toronto-based, Faison Quay VI, and his quest to locate the missing award-winning photojournalist, Passion Pomeroy, mother of Faison’s son’s fiancée.

Utilizing his vast wealth of contacts and money, Faison travels across Europe in his attempt to unravel the deepening mystery of Passion’s disappearance and an increasing number of seemingly unrelated murders.

Fast paced and, oft-times, humourous, the story presents the reader with an abundance of clues, while informing and challenging them to solve the deepening mystery, In The Absence Of Passion.

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