Harcourt’s Legacy

~ Sixth In The Series ~

Following the inaugural party of the supposedly impenetrable estate of Faison Quay scion, Faison Quay VII, fondly know6n as Veetwo, and his wife, Felicia, eight friends and family are abducted as they leave the estate. With no clues, and, seemingly, no reason behind the kidnappings, Faison mobilises his massive financial resources and staff.

When a number of employees of eponymous Key Construction are discovered murdered, Faison desperately attempts to determine if the deaths are connected to the abductions.

Eventually, Veetwo and Felicia, plus their entire staff, are forced to abandon their estate, which leads to the impossible occurring; in spite of totally being sealed to the outside world, the security of their home is compromised.

Faison races against all odds to unravel who is behind the crimes and what is motivating   them, before the hostages are killed and the wrong person gains Harcourt’s Legacy.

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