Final Curtain Call

~ Eighth In The Series ~

Two days after the opening, to rave reviews in a London revival, of Noel Coward’s ‘Private Lives’, Dame Jocelyn Mahone disappears the same day her co-star and husband of thirty-one years, Sir Alistair Vickers, surprises her and the world, by announcing he is retiring.

Following a fortnight of inaction on the part of Scotland Yard, which feels it is a publicity stunt to boost ticket sales, Estelle Vickers, Dame Jocelyn and Sir Alistair’s daughter calls the dear friend, Faison Quay, in Toronto, Canada, and asks for his assistance in locating her Mother.

Rather than merely having his famous Key Security International’s London Agent take on the case, Faison, immediately flies to London on his private plane, along with his husband, Stark Redfearne, son, Faison Quay VII, affectionately known as Veetwo, Règinè Ouellette, Chief Operations Officer of Key Security International and former Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and Faison’s Personal Assistant, David Granpré.

Taking up residence in the Owner’s Suite, of the six-star Key Hotel London, the world famous Faison Quay sets out to solve the mystery of  Dame Jocelyn’s disappearance, as well as two subsequent murders, before the Final Curtain Call.

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