The Faison Quay Murder-Mystery Series

Commencing with the birth of a totally new murder-mystery series that parallels Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple and Hercule Poiroit; Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes; Patricia Cornwell’s Dr. Kay Scarpetta; Erle Stanley Gardner’s Perry Mason; Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer and Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe emerges a Canadian based, contemporary, wealthy and powerful international business baron turned sleuth

Faison Quay VI
(pronounced ‘key’)

In allowing his stories to be told, Faison granted his creator (Michael James Stewart) unlimited access to his confidential files, recordings, family, friends and staff involved in those events. The intricate challenges and details faced by Faison and all those around him will add to the reader’s enjoyment as they enter a world, until now, shared by only a very select coterie of people

Now That I’m Gone

~ First In Series ~

Entrepreneurs, and wealthy in the extreme, Faison QuayVI and his partner, Dr. Stark Redfearne, take two of their closest friends and embark for South America aboard one of their company’s cruise ships, only to have their plans quickly changed by a suspicious and disastrous event that resulted in death back in Toronto. 

Upon proving it was a deliberate act, Faison engages his personal fortune and corporate resources to discover the “who and why” behind the crime. Each brilliantly uncovered clue allows Faison to peels-back another layer of craven hatred and deceit that led to the multiple murders, Now That I’m Gone.

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In The Absence Of Passion

~ Second In The Series ~

Paris Police Inspector Gilbert Beaubien’s frustrated efforts to solve the murder of an odious, yet famous, Louvre art restorer, is inextricably intertwined with world-renown, multi-billionaire, Toronto-based, Faison Quay VI, and his quest to locate the missing award-winning photojournalist, Passion Pomeroy, mother of Faison’s son’s fiancée.

Utilizing his vast wealth of contacts and money, Faison travels across Europe in his attempt to unravel the deepening mystery of Passion’s disappearance and an increasing number of seemingly unrelated murders.

Fast paced and, oft-times, humourous, the story presents the reader with an abundance of clues, while informing and challenging them to solve the deepening mystery, In The Absence Of Passion.

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Narcissus’ Reflection

~ Third In The Series ~

Accused of systematically killing his family, Neith Donacon turns to the only person who believes in his innocence, David Granpré, Majordomo extraordinaire to world-renown, multi-billionaire, Toronto-based, Faison Quay VI.

David’s unwavering belief is all that keeps Faison pursuing the truth when every new clue points assuredly at Neith.

Faison’s quest takes him on a twisted, international, path of diamonds and demons; and, in the process, inadvertently endangers the lives of his family and friends.

The reader is once again treated to a multiplicity of clues that provide them with the opportunity to try to best Faison as he races to free Neith, by finding Narcissus’ Reflection.

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One By One

~ Fourth In The Series ~

A series of supposedly natural and accidental deaths causes the thirteenth Duke of Exeter to become a recluse and fear that he will be next to die. Each time he experiences chest pains, his doctor accuses him of imagining them or becoming a hypochondriac and his children are certain he is overreacting or, even worse, entering senility.

The arrival of his dear friends the world-famous Faison Quay, VI, and Dr. Stark Redfearne affords His Grace the opportunity to confide his fears to his guests and enlist their help in proving him correct.

Faison calls upon his wits and wealth to unravel the seemingly unrelated deaths and solve, before it is too late, why The Duke of Exeter’s friends are dying One By One.

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The First Stone

~ Fifth In The Series ~

Although The First Stone is based on the files of the world famous Faison Quay’s exploits solving crimes, which directly or indirectly involve friends, it is unlike any of the other Faison Quay murder mystery series because of its’ uniquely ‘dark’ edge.  Faison Quay’s friend, Detective Sergeant Gregor Ferguson, of the Toronto Police Service, is initially assigned to investigate the discovery of a man’s body, which had been found in a City of Toronto garbage bin outside the Abbey of Perpetual Blessings. In spite of discovering the man had been missing for twenty-seven years, Gregor is ordered to stop the investigation when the Coroner announces the cause of death to be Cancer.

Not satisfied that he must abandon the case, but unable to officially continue investigating, Gregor asks Faison Quay if he will continue. Faison agrees and immediately involves the full force of one of his many companies, Key Security International, to assist.  Faison Quay quickly discovers a web of nefarious situations that only he can bring to bay, before The First Stone.

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Harcourt’s Legacy

~ Sixth In The Series ~

Following the inaugural party of the supposedly impenetrable estate of Faison Quay scion, Faison Quay VII, fondly known as Veetwo, and his wife, Felicia, eight friends and family are abducted as they leave the estate. With no clues, and, seemingly, no reason behind the kidnappings, Faison mobilises his massive financial resources and staff.

When a number of employees of eponymous Key Construction are discovered murdered, Faison desperately attempts to determine if the deaths are connected to the abductions.

Eventually, Veetwo and Felicia, plus their entire staff, are forced to abandon their estate, which leads to the impossible occurring; in spite of totally being sealed to the outside world, the security of their home is compromised.

Faison races against all odds to unravel who is behind the crimes and what is motivating   them, before the hostages are killed and the wrong person gains Harcourt’s Legacy.

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~ Seventh In The Series ~

Several months after Pawel Piotrowicz, photographer extraordinaire and owner of the Picture Perfect Model Agency, was beaten and abandoned in a parking lot, by off-duty police, for having interrupted a Friday night drug-filled orgy, at Dr. Marshall Bendorff’s Old Post Road mansion, and threatening to kill him for having performed cosmetic surgery on the perfect face of his client and world’s top model, Vă; Piotrowicz was arrested and charged with the murder of Dr. Marshall Bendorff, owner of the world renown Yorkville area cosmetic surgery clinic known as Perfection.

When his lawyer, Barsla Panderric, is prevented from accessing the Coroner’s and Police Reports, Pawel’s discovery and friend, model and former Miss Black Canada, Ziam Ngout, implores her very close friend, Faison Quay VI, into proving Piotrowicz’ innocence.  Utilising his resourceful and talented staff, at Key Security International, Faison unravels the seamy side of the doctor’s life in an attempt to discover not only who killed him, but, how; as he uses his uncanny sleuthing abilities and phenomenal wealth to free Pawel Piotrowicz and prove Dr. Marshall Bendorff’s murder was not Perfection.

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Final Curtain Call

~ Eighth In The Series ~

Two days after the opening, to rave reviews in a London revival, of Noel Coward’s ‘Private Lives’, Dame Jocelyn Mahone disappears the same day her co-star and husband of thirty-one years, Sir Alistair Vickers, surprises her and the world, by announcing he is retiring.

Following a fortnight of inaction on the part of Scotland Yard, which feels it is a publicity stunt to boost ticket sales, Estelle Vickers, Dame Jocelyn and Sir Alistair’s daughter calls the dear friend, Faison Quay, in Toronto, Canada, and asks for his assistance in locating her Mother.

Rather than merely having his famous Key Security International’s London Agent take on the case, Faison, immediately flies to London on his private plane, along with his husband, Stark Redfearne, son, Faison Quay VII, affectionately known as Veetwo, Règinè Ouellette, Chief Operations Officer of Key Security International and former Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and Faison’s Personal Assistant, David Granpré.

Taking up residence in the Owner’s Suite, of the six-star Key Hotel London, the world famous Faison Quay sets out to solve the mystery of  Dame Jocelyn’s disappearance, as well as two subsequent murders, before the Final Curtain Call.

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Checked In / Checked Out

~ Ninth In The Series ~

When billionaire, Faison Quay, is informed by his Personal Assistant that four multimillionaires have been found dead at four various Key Hotels around the world over the previous four weeks and their widows are each suing the Hotel in question for US$1Million to £1Million depending on where they live, Faison brings in Règinè Ouellette, his Chief Operating Officer of Key Security International and former Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to execute a brilliant  scheme he has devised to determine how the deaths are linked and who is ultimately the actual killer.

With money no object, Règinè finds herself travelling the world in order to satisfy her employer’s insistence that he will put an end to the murder of millionaires at his Hotels who Check In / Check Out.

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Too Many Chefs

~ Tenth In The Series ~

…..and then – one by one – they begin to disappear – in the most bizarre, grotesque and gruesome way possible!  Who would be so diabolical, callous, so gross, as to commit these horrible crimes?

How to end the nightmare?

From the pen and imagination of Michael James Stewart comes the latest, and most suspenseful Faison Quay Murder Mystery.


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