Frozen in time by Michael James Stewart


Michael James Stewart

Uproariously funny, movingly poignant, contemporary and topical, Frozen In Time will leave you sore from laughter and warm with fond memories of six wonderful people who, together, spend a Christmas that truly changes their lives.

It is December 24, 2004, and Clovis Menard enters her run-down home, about ten kilometres outside of Sudbury, in northern Ontario, singing, ‘Happy Days Are Here Again’, after just having a court declare her husband, Forest J. Menard, legally dead. To add to her bliss, her son Frankie telephones, while heading north from Toronto, where he lives, to inform his mother that he is bringing a friend, Vivian Bradshaw, along to meet the family. Elated, Clovis informs her other son, Junior, who suffers from foetal alcohol syndrome, and her mother, Granny Cranston, about the visit and the fact that she figures this is the girl Frankie is finally going to marry.

Finally, after a lifetime of hardship, Clovis is having the best day of her life.

With a fierce snowstorm beginning to isolate them, the driver of a car, which has just slid into the ditch next to Clovis’ driveway, introduces herself as Dolores Menard, as in Mrs. Forest J. Menard.

Suddenly stunned and confused, Clovis attempts to sort that out, while trying to oversee the smooth running of Granny’s bootlegging business, on the busiest day of the year.

Finally, with the arrival of Frankie and Vivian, who are loaded with Christmas presents, Clovis declares about her day, ‘It’s gone from sunshine to shit in no time.’

If seeking a play for production, Frozen In Time, requires only one set and six adult actors.

A great choice if you are playing to an adult audience.

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