Escalator down the up By Michael James Stewart

Michael James Stewart

Fifty year old Marlys Pennington, is a five feet, seven inch, Wagnerian-chested, full-figured, pleasant face, hair in French-roll, straight-forward and eternally optimistic, forever tragedy-waiting-to-happen, who has just been rescued from falling into the grave of her recently died Great Dane, Tiny.

After making her way to a nearby bench and sitting, in order to adjust her broken glasses and dust the soil from her black mourning outfit and veiled hat, she is startled to notice the audience staring at her.

Marlys, in her open and guileless manner, proceeds to tell the audience about her life. From her ending up with Tiny instead of a Chihuahua, to her disastrous trip to Disneyland with her erratic mother, her accidental appearance on ‘The Price Is Right’, and being incorrectly accused of kidnapping, through her twisted relationship with her pathetic family members, to her wonderful marriages, Marlys takes you through every possible emotion from off-the-wall hilarity to gut wrenching pathos and sadness, and everything in between.

Once you have travelled, Up The Down Escalator, with Marlys Pennington, you will never forget meeting her, of that I am certain.

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