Will and Estate Planning

“Be Prepared”

Are your personal affairs a big secret?  Of course you don’t confide that information to just anyone, but surely your husband, wife, child or your lawyer/solicitor/attorney should be aware of where you keep your insurance, home and other personal papers.  Okay, so you’ve made a will, signed a Power of Attorney and perhaps prepaid your funeral – but have you told anyone?  Does anyone know where you bank, where your investments are, your insurance policies, sources of income as well as your debts and other liabilities?

‘Be Prepared’ – the motto of Boy and Girl Scouts and Girl Guides, has stood the test of time and should be a guiding light for everyone.  Unfortunately, most of us procrastinate doing anything remotely having to do with becoming incapacitated (physically or mentally) or no longer capable of caring for ourselves or personal affairs.  More sobering, what happens to those dependent upon us, or those we leave behind when we die?  Obviously, no one likes to talk, or even think, about death.  But it doesn’t do any good to pretend it won’t happen – because it will!  And when it does, will loved ones, significant others, relatives or friends know what to do?

In the spirit of ‘Be(ing) Prepared’ is the reason the comprehensive and detailed Will and Estate Planning Inventory Kit was prepared for use by the public, wherever they live in the world, with the hope people will not leave everything for a spouse, family member, lawyer or friend to hunt for the many and sundry items, documents, information and property records required by various levels of government  or care givers.   Playing ‘hide and seek’ is no longer a game for the person or persons left to handle an estate or distribute items that may, or may not, be in a formal will.  That’s when this specially designed, comprehensive and inexpensive estate planning tool comes to the rescue!

(Available from:  Amazon.com/Books  or  CreateSpace.com/Store)