Training For Success

MLM/Network Marketing

Home-Based Business

TRAINING FOR SUCCESS is a MUST READ for anyone who is already involved in, or  considering, an MLM, Network Marketing or Home-Based Business.

From the first chapter, Attaining Success, the Manual details the What, Why and How of creating and operating a highly successful Home-Based Business.



  • How to change your outlook in order to Attain Success;
  • Time Management and Balancing Your Life in order to maximise each day to the fullest;
  • The Making of a Leader and how to become a strong one;
  • How to Prospect and Sponsor new members of your business;
  • How to Replicate the Success with new members using a detailed Five-Week Training        Training Cycle;
  • How to successfully market your product(s) using following a Marketing / Selling Primer
  • What are the Emotions new Members of your business will Cycle through and what to do;
  • About the pitfalls of The Technology Trap;
  • Pedestal Words and how to use them to your advantage.



  • World’s Easiest Bookkeeping System worth the price on its’ own
  • Dream/Goal Record an effective tool to help you focus on your goals
  • Eating The Elephant a simple and effective daily tool to make sure you reach your goals
  • Prospecting List makes the task so simple
  • Prospect Contact Sheet an invaluable tool
  • Sales/Sponsoring Goal/Actual Chart a simple and effected way to chart your growth
  • One-A-Month Individual Growth Potential a simple concept in expanding your business

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