Tilly and Nuella  ~  A Lifetime Odyssey of Friendship

★★★★Winner of ‘Reader’s Favorite’ Award   &   Global Book Award  

While the Second World War and ‘War Brides’ are seventy years into our past, author Michael James Stewart recalls their amazing stories and poignant sacrifices in his latest novel – Tilly and Nuella – A Lifetime Odyssey of Friendship’.  Many historians and relatives feel that the story of Canada’s War Brides is buried deep in the country’s past.  Often known as the ‘forgotten immigrants’, time has washed over the many amazing and harrowing tales these brave women have to tell. However, in his latest fiction novel the author recalls their amazing courage and once again brings the war bride back into the public’s eye.  Encapsulating the fascinating lives of two young British women ensures that this once common story is forgotten no more.

As the author explains, his work of fiction isn’t a far cry from reality.  “While this specific story is my own work, it is a perfect microcosm of the war bride movement in general. These women were tough, strong-willed and eager to better themselves. However, while many of our formidable Canadian women are either war brides themselves or direct descendants, their history and stories have been all but forgotten. My goal is to ensure that the story of the war brides doesn’t get lost. Fiction and literature is a powerful tool from which history can spread. I know that Canada is very proud of its past and is confident about its future; but I want people to see how our previous generations got here and what their lives involved,” he adds.

Book Review by Patricia Day for ‘Readers’ Favorite’

Tilly and Nuella – A Lifetime Odyssey of Friendship by Michael James Stewart is about two friends who meet while working as domestics. Tilly grew up in England, and had endured nothing but violence in an abusive home. Nuella grew up in Ireland, but was reared in similar circumstances to Tilly: she was determined to get away as soon as she could. Life had to be better somewhere else. Both young girls were naive, but with steely resolve they set about living life their way. They find solid ground when they rent a room in the home of Jennifer Cortland, something of a surrogate mother to them. When they are later recruited by Sir Basil to work in Bletchley, their lives take a dramatic turn as they meet two handsome Canadians, Sebastian Chandler and Lewis McCrae. The girls are overcome by their good fortune. Not only that they each feel they have found their true love, but they sense that life will never be the same again. Follow them in their exciting new lives, as they learn that true love can give you the desires of your heart, and sharing personal success can give greater satisfaction and happiness than each believed possible. They have their share of grief as they lose precious loved ones, but their resilience and trusted friends bring them through to the other side of the losses.

Tilly and Nuella – A Lifetime Odyssey of Friendship  by Michael James Stewart is a delightful story of how true friendship and love for another can overcome any obstacle in life. There is much detail in this story. It takes you from the sordid beginnings of their tragic young lives into lives of unbelievable good fortune. Despite their many hardships, they remain women of value and worth. Should you choose to read this story, you might well yearn to have such friends in your life too. I know I did.”

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