Michael James Stewart

Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Michael James Stewart was raised in an eclectic home; his father, a well-known doctor who loved being involved in politics and a number of assorted businesses, while his mother, an accomplished concert pianist, filled their home with Chopin and Liszt.  Together, his parents introduced his two sisters and him, at a young age, to all branches of the arts, along with world travel.

All of that is combined, by Michael, with his passion for joie de vivre with the dictum of “travel is the best form of education” by living in the United States, England, the Caribbean and by travelling Europe, Turkey, South America and Mexico where he met the powerful, famous, and humourous as well as politicians, charlatans, scamps, roués and the desperate and his innate and eclectic disciplines in structural design, international finance, etiquette and manners consulting, motivational speaker and Cordon Bleu Chef, in each of his ten iconic Faison Quay Murder Mysteries.

While respecting his readers, Michael cleverly weaves wonderful characters into his maze-like plots and leads the readers on clue-ridden romps involving insightful views of elegance and wealth together with intimate setting descriptions that allow them to become part of the action, yet challenges them to decipher what they are reading and attempt solving the crimes before the final resolution of the mystery.

His newest novel, Tilly and Nuella – A Lifetime Odyssey Of Friendship  is a beautiful narrative that bears witness to the fascinating lives of two young women, Tilly and Nuella, who, having fled their regional upbringing, strive to succeed beyond their humble origins.

Meeting just prior to World War II, in a London boarding house, both are resilient beyond their years and incredibly determined to create better lives for themselves and for those they come to love. Their innate decency continually plays them beneficial hands; from landing a job at the top secret wartime instillation of Bletchley Park to a post-war life, as war brides, in the burgeoning City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Long after the novel ends, you will remember the epic journey of Tilly and Nuella.

In addition to his novels, Michael has also authored Clod To Suave – The Etiquette, Manners, Grooming & Dressing – The ‘Make-Over’ Handbook For Women & Men; and three (3) stage comedies:


Frozen in time by Michael James Stewart Escalator down the up By Michael James Stewart Elevator to Heaven By Michael James Stewart

Michael’s works have been embraced by his ever-growing base of dedicated readers from throughout the world, who also feel they are actually amid each of the stories. Hopefully you will feel the same.