Hello……and Welcome!

I’ve been expecting you……

…….and I’m hoping you will allow me a bit of your time to share my various literary creations and activities:

……but first, a very brief summation about me by a colleague:

Michael James Stewart

“It’s not often one finds an individual so experienced, accomplished and successful in numerous arenas of the business world, but such is the case with Michael James Stewart: Published Author; Leader in Multi-Level and Network Marketing: Public and Motivational Speaker; Financial Planning and Marketing;
Trade Association Executive; Retail Fashion Buyer and Sales; Etiquette/Manners Consultant; International Traveller and Resident; Cordon Bleu Chef.


“His joie de vivre spirit, combined with all his experiences, either find their way into, or are reflected in, all of Michael James Stewart’s many writings which, at this time, number: 10 Fictitious Murder Mystery
Series (The Faison Quay Murder Mysteries); 2 Historical Novels (Fiction overlaid with real life); 3 Self-Help Manuals and 3 Stage Plays.”